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- brian and i drew cats on flight home – gdc left me wanting to do so many things… – time is unforgiving but i will have to manage. – from the trs-80′s lost game designs to experimental gameplay session… there were so many things to expose oneself to. – so many… – sxsw was [...]


“A gamejam is an event where people with a passion for making fun, creative, experimental games come together and spend a short period of time together making games, game-prototypes and game-demos.” – from the global game jam site this past weekend many people gathered to the 9th floor of nyu’s tisch building to participate in [...]


- some things remain constant – new projects… old projects… dead and revived – dear friend will be giving birth to a son. – i had no idea about how serious baby shower-stuff can get… – lumarca @ eyebeam- amazing! – STOP SOPA/PIPA >>> meetup for those in the nyc area – wip/progress of the [...]


- 2012 arrived quietly – do people believe in horoscopes? – i’ve already made an impulse decision – maybe it won’t be in vain? – mashed potatoes for dinner – inserting some craft projects here and there – bwr | bwr | bwr – i hope the cold stays for a while – wip of [...]


- wip – interposed with work and another – recovery? – to want cake – there is a small, green alien on my laptop keyboard – a squirrel visits daily for peanuts.