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goodbye, 2011

there are a number of things about 2011 i can remember clearly… but there’s even more that i can’t. it’s kind of a blur- all in patches that sporadically comes and goes. getting reflective will lead me living each day again absentmindedly. sometimes i am not aware until something random intermits. it’s been quite a [...]




- wip – interposed with work and another – recovery? – to want cake – there is a small, green alien on my laptop keyboard – a squirrel visits daily for peanuts.


i’ve been making a lot of soup. it’s easy to put together, low maintenance while it cooks, and can feed many. split pea soup (amounts and time are approximations because i don’t follow recipes exactly.) – 1 lb. split peas, rinsed – 6 cups water – vegetable bouillon – olive oil – 5 cloves garlic [...]


- autumn is ending – i would like a bicycle – but i’ve forgotten how to ride – i miss going to the library – found 999 – there are a lot of games that i’ve neglected – there are a lot of things i’ve neglected – french fries with guacamole is quite tasty