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- gif… result of a skype video chat test with brian – i will never tire of taking photos of telephones wires – am i my own bottleneck? – almost lost a lot of important data a couple of days ago – in retrospect, i should have been a bit more rational – quite embarrassed [...]


hello, march. i am participating in a local group show. it is for art house productions. the opening was last friday evening; it was, for the most part, a nice evening spent with good company. tomorrow evening will start a week and a half adventure. brian and i will be flying out to san francisco [...]


- blooper’s here and there – busy days and busy nights – nodding on and off – the universe within… is going through it’s final revisions. (the about page is incomplete.) – i want to start something new. small. minute.


- some things remain constant – new projects… old projects… dead and revived – dear friend will be giving birth to a son. – i had no idea about how serious baby shower-stuff can get… – lumarca @ eyebeam- amazing! – STOP SOPA/PIPA >>> meetup for those in the nyc area – wip/progress of the [...]


- 2012 arrived quietly – do people believe in horoscopes? – i’ve already made an impulse decision – maybe it won’t be in vain? – mashed potatoes for dinner – inserting some craft projects here and there – bwr | bwr | bwr – i hope the cold stays for a while – wip of [...]