the next five weeks… & animal crossing visit

by gj

for the past two days i’ve been starting and stopping an entry centered around my first semester back in school. it’s a little difficult to sum up the past three and a half months in a cohesive way because memories are fragmented and the emotional discords even more so. so like many things… maybe a short list is the most appropriate way to pare fall 2012… with a bit of animal crossing at the end.

- first semesters are difficult.
- i have a difficult time adjusting to many new things…
- all of which provide no sort of considerations for me…
- but it will be okay because i shouldn’t expect any of it to.
- it’s a strange fact of life
- and it’s something i will be grateful about °____°
- grad school rule #1: get the cat toys out of your system…
- in order to make more cat toys. (joking… kind of.)
- i can’t really decided whether it all went too fast or too slow.

i’ve been rather silent here and actively updating my school journal:
there will be some strange things there… some dull.. some (hopefully) not so dull.

here’s an animation my groupmate, sarah rothberg, and i made:

and the insides of a cat toy:

so now i have about five weeks of time for myself and things i’d like to spend time on. which is exciting and something i’ve been looking forward to.


after a long break from animal crossing i visited my (and my sister’s) town, sheep. new neighbors and new snow… here are some screenshots:

(my happy room academy-approved home. :3)

i got a little carried away shaking the trees…

medicine to the rescue and my short visit comes to an end.

i am really looking forward to the 3ds animal crossing release :]