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by gj

please forgive the terrible screenshot.

brian and i were very lucky to have been invited to participate in the soundplay/kill screen game jam this past tuesday and wednesday. using a passion pit song as inspiration, we were then left to make a game; our song was ‘carried away’ by passion pit (i have never heard of passion pit before this event… and after the event those songs took a very long time to leave my muddled head… XD).

the teams were under a much stricter time constraints than expected from a normal game jam. this made things a bit more challenging considering we only had about 30 hours to complete a game. though it was his first time using the program, brian aptly used construct 2 to build the game. while a little rough around the edges, we were able to finish and show our game to the many visitors and guests for the new museum’s evening event. we do plan on working on it for a few more hours to polish some of the rough bits.

the player/avatar is a circle pulsating to the beat of the song and main goal is to traverse a path without hitting the perimeters. if you hit the perimeter, the webcam of the machine you are using will then be one for a second or two. it’s best to play this with many people watching you. :]

brian’s friend suraj playing.

photo of people playing the games in the lobby of the new museum.

technically, this event isn’t over yet. at the end of the month the games that were made will be up online for a month long voting period on facebook. winner gets a cash prize and brian and i are really hoping to win. x3

photo credit: Erez Avissar

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