by gj

must not die

character customization is a big deal. it’s kind of a “d’uh” statement to make on such a ubiquitous fact. the avatar is an extension of the player… when the opportunity to customize is there, people will go all out. some couples will get matching dye, like spring dye, so their avatars will match. x3

well… this person has been playing the third iteration of diablo 3 just to attain something called lovely dye.

Named for the beauty of Queen Asylla, who once had a thousand gowns created in this beautiful pink color as a gift from King Leoric.

lovely dye is just a fancy name for a baby pink colored dye the player can use to dye their avatar’s equipment. during gdc i attended the visual keynote by blizzard’s christian lichtner and found out you can have a barbarian with baby pink gear. i made it a goal that day to make that happen. a couple of days ago, after a rather long bout with diablo, it did. thanks to brian for supplementing me with extra dye. i now have enough lovely dye to last me a couple of equipment changes. x3

so there he is. my smashingly lovely pink barbarian.

next goal?