norman is a cat

by gj

game jams are events where people come together and try to create a game within a short time frame. there is a theme given at the beginning. the theme was horse_ebooks. for those unfamiliar with horse_ebooks it is a twitter account that uses an algorithm of some sort to generate it’s tweets. some are absurd and others can be quite… poetic(?)

game jams are (for the most part) fun, stressful, and inspiring. i am not good placed in a room full of people. i am afraid it’s one of those things i will never grow accustomed to. however, i did pair up with someone and and we decide to make a game based on the tweets: ‘solutions to cat behavior problems’ and ‘it will catch up to you.’

our game is a web based, 2d side-scroller. the player is a mouse being chased by a cat named norman. my partner, vikram, and i wanted to continue working on the game and we are currently doing so.

it’s kind of a crash course into game making. there’s so much i need to learn.

‘go away, norman’ is available to play but a quick note: please understand that it’s still under construction. constructive feed back, however, would be greatly appreciated.

brian currently has the high score of 22300.