by gj

hello, march.

i am participating in a local group show. it is for art house productions. the opening was last friday evening; it was, for the most part, a nice evening spent with good company.

tomorrow evening will start a week and a half adventure. brian and i will be flying out to san francisco for gdc. [i am unprepared... in every sense. there's so much to do and i hope i can, at least, get a quarter of it all done before leaving for the airport. i will try to be optimistic.] after gdc, we will be headed to austin for sxsw. it will be my first time for both events; i hope there will be a substantial entry ready to be written up.

new site: it is still under construction. i have many things in mind on what to do with space. hopefully when i return home, i will be able to start on it all.

blooper’s here and there has been updated. blooper’s adventure continues~