by gj

“A gamejam is an event where people with a passion for making fun, creative, experimental games come together and spend a short period of time together making games, game-prototypes and game-demos.”
- from the global game jam site

this past weekend many people gathered to the 9th floor of nyu’s tisch building to participate in global game jam. it’s an event held once a year for people to come together and make a game. our group was a team of 5 people; a game designer, two programmers, and two artists. we all were connected to one another to some degrees so there was some familiarity within the group. vikram and i previously worked together at the babycastles game jam and created ‘go away, norman’.

the theme for this year’s jam was ouroboros; our group used it’s concept of infinity and recursion. we were also inspired by the powers of ten video by charles and ray eames. the following are some images of the backgrounds and assets i did for the game. we chose to go for the ‘scribbl’d’ diversifier- all our graphics were hand drawn and scanned in. [fun fact: i brought my own scanner to the jam.]

this is you:

the goal is to avoid collision with objects like these:

some of the backgrounds you will travel through:

each background has it’s own correlating sound. birds, piano, humming, heartbeats- they were all recorded around the area of the game jam by brian.

it’s been a long time since i’ve drawn using traditional media. i miss it and i’d like to use traditional media for game graphics again.

some photos of people playing:

the overall reception of our game was positive. for dramatics there are categories the games can be nominated for and i am happy to announce that our game won the ‘best overall’ category. i was surprised to find out that kotaku did a small write up of our game. [another fun fact: the person drawn in the 'people' level of the game is actually brian and the heartbeats heard in the 'cellular' level are his. in a strange little way... this game is about him. i wonder if people realize this?]

there were many super neat games made at the nyu game center during the jam. a personal favorite was mushroom11. i’m a complete sucker for grayscale so it caught my attention immediately. the game uses the ouroboros’s symbolism of creation and destruction. the object of the game is to move a ball of fungus to it’s goal. you do this by erasing chunks of regenerating fungus away. (easier said than done.) if you have a graphics tablet try using it to play, it’s so much fun.

‘the universe within…’ can be played here [constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated]. if you are playing on a macbook, try playing it by tilting your laptop. vikram utilized the macbook’s accelerometer so it can be an option for game play.

we were going for a cheesy look

many many thanks to:
shawn allen
brian s chung
jordan joyner
vikram subramanian
[this game would have been impossible without anyone of them.]
and, of course, the nyu game center- for being awesome hosts (and for also getting soymilk for the coffee they treated the jammers to.)

i spent all of today working on an ad for an entertainment company i am currently freelancing for. it’s quite different from the crazed caffeine fueled creative environment i was in a couple of days ago.

the weekend is over… and the realization of it being tuesday already is (un)settling.