cat and richard serra

by gj

brian and i went to chelsea to see the richard serra exhibition at the gagosian gallery. the distinction of navigating and exploring open and closed space was a little limited inside parts the gallery, but i am glad we made it. there was an interview serra did some time ago and i was reminded of it on my way out. here is an excerpt:

‘I was thrown out of Yale for something real stupid,’ says Serra, stern features dissolving into a childlike grin. ‘Robert Rauschenberg came up there as a visiting critic. Being a bit sparky back then, I thought I’d see what he was made of. I found a chicken and tethered it to a rope and put it in this box on a pedestal. It was a kind of prank at Rauschenberg’s expense, right? But when he lifted the box, the goddamn chicken flew up above him and started shitting everywhere.’

You can see that Serra relishes the memory of that rebellious moment even though it almost cost him his scholarship. ‘All the students were cracking up, and even Rauschenberg, to his credit, liked the gesture. But the faculty didn’t see the joke. I was suspended for two weeks, but it was kind of worth it.’

He pauses, still grinning, then says: ‘That incident sums up my attitude: I don’t give a shit but I care quite a lot.’

on our way to the gallery, we encountered a friendly cat. :3