by gj

homemade pizza done the (sort of) lazy way.

- sauce and dough bought from whole foods
- olive tappenade from trader joe’s
- daiya cheese (not bad, really!)
- sautéed vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, and garlic)

when i worked for my previous company, i lived in a town called cliffside park. i moved to be closer to work because the 1.5 hour commute was exhausting. it was a nice studio in a quiet residential area- very different from where i lived/grew up. i chose not to get gas for the place because heat was included and i had a feeling i wasn’t going to be cooking much anyway. it was true. the microwave, quickly, became my best friend.

now that i am back at home with access to a working oven. i forgot how fun it was to cook. hurray for vegan pizza! (there aren’t many vegan-friendly pizza places nearby. actually, i don’t think there are any.)

i was right in guessing how difficult this month was going to be but it’s for more reasons than i expected. a mildly overwrought mess…