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6 random things

… a little overdue… i lost track of days due to some dog-sitting. this is my friend, katie’s, joon. we spent the weekend together. :] garfield replaced with a real cat- so much better than the original. playing


character customization is a big deal. it’s kind of a “d’uh” statement to make on such a ubiquitous fact. the avatar is an extension of the player… when the opportunity to customize is there, people will go all out. some couples will get matching dye, like spring dye, so their avatars will match. x3 well… [...]

ou est norman?

‘go away, norman’ will be part of joue le jeu at La Gaîté Lyrique in paris! facebook event: meowton a whole town if you are in paris this summer please check it out. there seems to be a lot of amazing things happening. :]

last one

‘the universe within…’ is now available for free on the chrome web store. please give it a try and let us know what you think. thank you :]


hello, march. i am participating in a local group show. it is for art house productions. the opening was last friday evening; it was, for the most part, a nice evening spent with good company. tomorrow evening will start a week and a half adventure. brian and i will be flying out to san francisco [...]