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the next five weeks… & animal crossing visit

for the past two days i’ve been starting and stopping an entry centered around my first semester back in school. it’s a little difficult to sum up the past three and a half months in a cohesive way because memories are fragmented and the emotional discords even more so. so like many things… maybe a [...]

soundplay game jam games have been released~ // play and vote :]

grad school

… is for making cat toys. ° w ° jam

please forgive the terrible screenshot. brian and i were very lucky to have been invited to participate in the soundplay/kill screen game jam this past tuesday and wednesday. using a passion pit song as inspiration, we were then left to make a game; our song was ‘carried away’ by passion pit (i have never heard [...]


this past weekend, brian and i teamed up to participate in an event hosted by babycastles and eyebeam called ‘jean claude van jam’. photo by brian based on the movie ‘lionheart’ we used the movie’s concept of fighting/betting/trust/betrayal and made an installation game called ‘Wrong Bet!’ we got first place for our game! it was [...]