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i am now a graduate student at nyu’s interactive telecommunications program. blogging here will be even more infrequent but i am required to keep a blog for coursework; i will try to cross post some entries here as well. itp blog please stop by once in a while and leave some comments/feedback. :] the photo-journal [...]


this past weekend, brian and i teamed up to participate in an event hosted by babycastles and eyebeam called ‘jean claude van jam’. photo by brian based on the movie ‘lionheart’ we used the movie’s concept of fighting/betting/trust/betrayal and made an installation game called ‘Wrong Bet!’ we got first place for our game! it was [...]


updated the journal & opened a new flickr account


character customization is a big deal. it’s kind of a “d’uh” statement to make on such a ubiquitous fact. the avatar is an extension of the player… when the opportunity to customize is there, people will go all out. some couples will get matching dye, like spring dye, so their avatars will match. x3 well… [...]


patterns are now available here. i’ll be recycling more stuff so hopefully more additions will be made. another addition that i would really like to add would be a selection of fonts. there’s a list in my head of things i’ve always wanted to put together and share… winamp skins… fonts… wordpress themes… tomorrow a [...]