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goodbye, 2012

this entry is being written on the 27th, four minutes past noon. it’s quiet inside and windy outside, small reminders of a storm that tried to bring snow but ended up as rain. there are, at least, five emails that i am terribly overdue on (it’s been weeks…) and procrastinating a reply for… it’s something [...]

happy holidays

with brian & sheep.

the next five weeks… & animal crossing visit

for the past two days i’ve been starting and stopping an entry centered around my first semester back in school. it’s a little difficult to sum up the past three and a half months in a cohesive way because memories are fragmented and the emotional discords even more so. so like many things… maybe a [...]

grad school

… is for making cat toys. ° w ° jam

please forgive the terrible screenshot. brian and i were very lucky to have been invited to participate in the soundplay/kill screen game jam this past tuesday and wednesday. using a passion pit song as inspiration, we were then left to make a game; our song was ‘carried away’ by passion pit (i have never heard [...]